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The Art of Sensuous Living


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The Art of Sensuous Living

Welcome to TLJ! 

The Art of Sensuous Living is a sensory-focused approach to living, for women who have lost their luster in life in the attempt to acquiesce to a masculine-driven society. And in doing so, have neglected their feminine power, day-to-day sensuality, their depth and body's wisdom. 

The Lavender Junkie is a modern guide and digital-scape for sensuous living - a deep, rich, full-bodied experience on this Earth in which one glimmers in her dimensions, honors and revels in the ways we are meant to enjoy, heal, deepen and explore this life experience, which is through the senses. 

Priscilla leads women to develop a sensuous, fully embodied life through creative practices, full-bodied spirituality and embodiment healing. Learn more about Priscilla here.






A collection of my musings and research on the senses and how they inform our being, engage us with our environment and others, and deepen us into a nourishing way to heal, grow and love. 




Join others on your journey to build relationships and connect with others while strengthening your practice. 




We'll work together using personalized embodiment practices best suited for your lifestyle. We'll tap into your body's wisdom and senses and craft a deeply-savored, full-bodied life.